About the Photo Booth

We take pride in our photo booth. It was personally designed by Eric, the owner and typically operator of the photo booth at your event, applying his engineering degree and interest in photography to the booth. Here’s a quick technical tour in case you’re curious about what’s in the booth.

The Camera

At the center of it all is a 18.0 megapixel DSLR camera. 18 megapixels is admittedly a bit of overkill for a photo that’s eventually compressed to roughly 1.5″ by 2″ when printed – even Facebook compresses most photos to 5 megapixels when uploaded to its site. However we give you digital copies of the uncompressed photos after the event to share, print, blow up, or whatever you like after the event.

Other key features for the camera as far as the photo booth are concerned include autofocus and depth of field adjustments which improve the photo sharpness, as well as the ability to automatically or manually adjust the ISO setting (this determines the light sensitivity) which is important as lighting tends to be constantly, randomly changing at many events.

The Printer

Probably equally as important to the service we deliver is the printer. We use a dye-sublimation photo paper printer. It’s kind of a behemoth at nearly 40 pounds but it’s technically portable and it’s the best of its kind. The printer pops out prints in a hurry – you typically get your prints within 20 seconds. It can print over 800 photo strips before running out of paper and ink, meaning most events won’t have any printer downtime for change outs.


If we get a complaint about the booth, it’s typically the lighting. However there’s good reason for it – our lights are bright, and most events have dim lighting, or worse (for photos anyway) changing colored lighting. Without the bright lighting the camera shutter would need to stay open longer or we’d need to use a high ISO setting on our camera, both of which tend to reduce the quality of portrait shots. So, sorry in advance, your eyes will adjust quickly and we believe it’s better than being blinded by a flash.

Preview Screen

The preview screen is incorporated into the booth so you can see what your poses look like, as well as what the photos taken look like as well. If you have a photo you want deleted, just let us know and we can make it disappear with the click of a button.


There is a computer at the center of all these technical pieces. We do use higher end laptops for our booths because the image processing and display requirements are pretty demanding.

The Dayton Photo Booth Itself

Open Photo Booth

Our open photo booth with the silver sequin backdrop and props

The booth itself is designed to be lightweight, portable, and quick to set up. We’ve been up flights of stairs, through narrow halls, and in basements as well as wide open halls. Some booths are essentially fully assembled and need ramp access or similar access needs. We wanted to make sure this booth was able to go anywhere you want us, and so far we’ve succeeded.

That’s a look at our photo booth. Contact us today for your Dayton, Ohio or Miami Valley event!