Most Banned Wedding Songs

Many couples put a lot of thought into the playlist and the style of music they want at the reception, and clearly just as many put a lot of thought into what they don’t what at a wedding. The analytical web site, FiveThirtyEight, has compiled a list of the most frequently banned songs as reported by DJs – some of the top ones are surprises, some everyone is relieved to see banned (except that one uncle who really really wants to here the Macarena.)
The biggest surprise for me is that the Cha Cha Slide ranks so highly on the list – I go to a lot of weddings and I don’t know that I’ve ever not heard at least one of the Cha Cha Slides (there’s three parts, and multiple versions of each song, in case you didn’t know) being played. Either the DJs miss what I presume is the intention of the ban and play parts 2 or 3, or the type of couple who would ban this classic doesn’t get a photo booth.

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