Dayton Wedding Vendors

Dayton has a wide number of great wedding vendors, and we want to highlight some of the better ones we know of in the area.

Wedding Reception Venues – We are building a directory of Dayton’s best reception spaces. We’re lucky to have literally hundreds of venues, from basic affordable reception halls to gorgeous historical spaces. Since there are so many great and unique venues, we’ve created a separate page for these event spaces.

Caterers – Dozens of catering companies are working wedding in the region. From affordable buffets to high-end plated meals, there are many options available. Make sure you consider dietary restrictions and allergies when you consider your caterer.

Cake and Bakeries – Your wedding cake will typically come from a specialty bakery. You can get anything from cupcakes at Kroger, to high-end pieces of edible art.

Wedding DJs – A good DJ does more than just push play on a playlist (though if you are looking to cut costs, this is an option we see from time to time.) A DJ gets the party started, serves as an emcee including announcing the wedding party and dances, sometimes serves as the captain in a captain’s call buffet, screens out terrible song requests, and of course keeps the party going

Photographers Wedding photographers com in a wide range of talents, equipment, and level of service. You want to interview your photographer to ensure you get the level of service (do you need two shooters?) and other details covered.

Britt Price Photography – An affordable Dayton area wedding photographer. A professional who does great work.

Videographers – Considered optional by many couples, videographers still offer a service to consider. If you decide to get one, consider going for one that provides editing and production of a video of your day, rather than simply taking film of your ceremony. It definitely costs more, but chances are you’re not really going to go back and watch the latter.

Officiant – If you are married outside a church, you may need to find an officiant for your big day. The officiant is the emcee of the ceremony, so consider do you want a formal officiant, a humorous one …?